Tianyi Hao


I have been developing SlowRenju, a gomoku AI engine since Jan 2012, which is based on iteratively deepening alpha-beta pruning algorithm with a transposition table. SlowRenju has been participating in the Gomoku AI programming tournament Gomocup since 2013, which is one of the more famous computer gomoku tournament now.

Gomoku, also known as Five In a Row or 五子棋, is a game playing on a 15×15 (or maybe larger) board. Two persons put their own stones on the crossing of the board alternatively, and the game ends with a player winning by creating a line of five stones horizontally, vertically or diagonally, or with a draw by the board filled up with stones. There are also some variants of gomoku, among which the most famous one is renju, in which the black player (the player who moves first) loses by creating a double-three, a double-four or an over-line.

SlowRenju can support freestyle gomoku rule, standard gomoku rule and renju rule.

SlowRenju has been open-source on Github since May 2019. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.


  1. SlowRenju v1.0.11 for Android (with engine SlowRenju 2016). Install it from Google Play or the APK file.
  2. SlowRenju v5.1.4 engine (the version for Gomocup 2020). Get it.
  3. SlowRenju v3.2 with Win32 GUI (out of date and deprecated). Get it.

In Gomocup

Gomocup is the website for a computer gomoku tournament, previously held by Tomas Kubes and currently by Kai Sun and Tianyi Hao.

The best results of SlowRenju in Gomocup:

  • In Gomocup 2016, SlowRenju v5.0.11 got the 3rd in the freestyle group, 3th in the fastgame group, the 4th in the standard group and the 3rd in the renju group. See results.
  • In Gomocup 2017, SlowRenju v5.1.1 got the 4th in the freestyle group, 4th in the fastgame group, the 3rd in the standard group and the 3rd in the renju group. See results.

The Elo rating of SlowRenju in the Gomocup Elo Rating List.

I have been organizing Gomocup with Kai Sun since 2016.


Thanks to the friends who have been helping me with the project constantly: Kai Sun, Tao Tao and Rong Xiao.